45th Reunion was held, Saturday, September 10, 2005

"remember who you are and where you're from"

The 45th class reunion of poly high school's class of 1960 was truly a success.  There were approximately 160 in attendance who helped remind each of us "who we are and where we're from!"  The weather was made to order.  The dress was casual.  The dinner was excellent.  Everywhere there was laughter, hugs, and lots of "do you remember.....?"    The timing was perfect: after labor day, and everyone was back from summer vacation.  All these factors made the day appear effortless and a bit magical.
If you enjoyed the 45th reunion, start making plans to get involved in the 50th (can you EVEN believe it?) reunion!!!!!  And remember:  be a part of the planning committee for upcoming events.  WE WANT YOU!  Even if you cannot be "in town" for the meetings, there is much that you can do.  Personally contacting classmates by phone or email helps to contribute to good atendance, and we would like to have as many help with this task as possible.
The DVD of the reunion festivities is coming out soon for your viewing pleasure!
The class photographer was Bobby Stalcup.  Look for the pictures on the web-site which is being set up by Anita Stockton Bowers.  Bobby is also creating a DVD viewable on computer or the DVD player on your TV.  It will be made available for purchase by all our classmates.  The proceeds from the sale will help to defray expenses for the mailings, website, and planning for future reunions.......
especially the 50th.   For those who were unable to attend, you can still send in a current picture so that you can be included.  Also, it would be nice if you would include a bit of biographical information or any meesage you would like to send to the class.  You can send this by email to Bobby at r.stalcup@comcast.net.  If you do not have email, you can write to him at
1602 Paisley Drive, Arlington, Texas    76115-2242.
Also, for the website: poly1960.org, please go to the site (OF COURSE, IF YOU ARE VIEWING THIS ON THE WEB, YOU ARE ALREADY HERE!) and email the web mistress, Anita Stockton Bowers, any messages you would like to share with the class.  She will be posting these as they are received.  We will eventually have a guest book that you can sign and share information with other classmates.  Be sure to go there often to check since it is new and still being developed.  Anita welcomes any and all ideas that will make the website better.
Carol Grimland Couch sent out an email asking for pictures from our elementary and junior high school days.  She has a notebook for each of the schools we attended and is filling them with pictures from those schools.  She is still accepting pictures from you.  Please send her ONLY copies of your originals, and be sure to tell the name of the school and include the names of the students, the teacher(s) and administrators (if you can).  Try to include the grade level and the year.
Among those who were instrumental in the planning sessions were Larry Barnes, Carolyn Cavin, Pat Crabb Tyrrell, Susan Dungan Thomas, Carol Grimland Couch, Jane Hard Ferrell, Marifranc Keeton Mathis, Del Kelley, Joyce Martin Jackson, Jo Lu Moore Cavender, Rita Morris Vinson, Tommy Pirtle, Donna Rhoten Jobe, Bobby Stalcup, Anita Stockton Bowers, Ron West, and Larry Wren. 
And a special thanks go out to everyone who brought snacks!   And a very special thanks to Larry Wren for getting the soft drinks, Marifranc Keeton Mathis for the bottled water, and Mike and Jane Hard Ferrel for the ice!!!
The truth is that there were a lot of people who made the reunion come off with a hitch.  At the heart and soul of the behind the scenes crew are three people we must recognize:  Carol Grimland Couch, Marifranc Keeton Mathis, and Larry Wren.  These three worked tirelessly in securing the meeting room, hiring the caterers, and keeping track of the reservations.  In addition, they were the driving force for the emails and mail outs that kept us all up the the minute with the plans. 
Planning sessions were open to everyone and were announced by email.  They were held on Sunday afternoons, about six in all.  Marifranc Keeton Mathis, Carol Grimland Couch, Donna Rhoten Jobe, Susan Dungan Thomas, and Joyce Martin Jackson opened their homes for these meetings.  All organization for the reunion took place during these sessions.
The decorations were the creation of Joyce Martin Jackson.  The really were a blast from the past and set the scene for a return to our three years in the halls of the building on the infamous poly dip: malt shop glasses brimming with orange mum put us in mind homecomings, and 78rpm "records"with pitures of our classmates from the '60 Parrot brought back lots of good memories.
Pat Crabb Tyrrell created the memorial poster so that we could remember friends no long with us, as well as the poster with the names of those classmates we are unable to locate.  Pat's delivery of the canopy for the use of the "registration" crew provided the perfect greeting place as everyone arrived.
The name tags were the joint effort of Joyce Martin Jackson and Larry Barnes.  How many of you had to really look at the name tag with the attached Poly photo BEFORE you recognized your classmates?
The Phone Trees were created by Carol Grimland Couch and were manned by Jack Johnson, Nancy Abshire Gober, and Mary Ann Everidge Cotten.
And last, but not least, a great round of applause goes out for those who were on the clean-up crew!


Pictures from Reunion will be coming soon!